Good Friday

I have nothing much at all planned for today, beyond writing today's Instant and the thousand words that allow me to slack off for the remainder of the weekend.

Beloved is at home, too, and I have faith that this will allow the new window-filler to go in and the mouldy old piece of fibreboard to get exiled to a hell where it belongs go out. Which should (note the qualifier) help improve my overall health and also help eliminate the morning sniffles.

Should, as I frequently say, is not is.

I have hopes, though. Less funk in my environments means less likelihood of Lurgi-via-allergies.

The good news for me is that the Lurgi I have seems to be dwindling back to my usual state of allergies. Which means that, very soon after the holidays, I can arrange to have the annual 'flu shot that could very well save my life.

Even though I have less trouble with my asthma now that I'm on Keto, I can still have a lot of trouble with it and could risk hospitalisation if I catch a really bad 'flu.

I know this to be a fact, because Lurgies have caused asthma flare-ups even during Keto. One more reason to keep my prescriptions up to date and my meds on hand.

On the planning side of things, the family are going to go to Adelaide for a week to experience a genuine paddle-wheel boat for an anniversary event. This week also co-incides with Miss Chaos' birthday, so less of the party has to be planned by me. This news, alas, comes a few days after I started laying in supplies. But I can save that kind of crap for the next party. Should one occur.

Meanwhile, the house is improving by leaps. And room by room as well. The kitchen still proves to be the largest entropy zone and, as soon as I have energy again, I'll be working on fighting said entropy as hard as I can. But also balancing that with whatever my energy levels are on a day-to-day basis.

And also doing all the fiction stuff.

I will be publishing KFZ on Lulu and Smashwords. Just to see if a hardcopy will earn me 'enough'. As in - enough to justify putting stuff out on hardcopy.

As for my plans to stream things... That's all going to have to wait until the National Broadband Network finally crawls its way out to our neck of the woods. And like all things 'national', it's taking forever and a week. I might be a real old fart before I can stream anything at all.

Eh. Whatever. Whenever. I must get on with getting on.