Lurgi confirmed. I am falling down with a thing.


I have Elderflower tea and a whole bunch of other teas, so I should have no trouble staying hydrated. I'm going to try and take it easy, but the day is a wee bit crowded.

I've just had a bunch of plumbers come in and give a quote on the sink fix. Later on today, I have the cleaners to help restore the house to some small form of order.

Hopefully, I can encourage the kiddies to lend a hand.

I also have the usual novel and Instant Story chaos, but I plan on relaxing with some arts and a single or two in the afternoon. Plus I should probably eat something because this bug is making me hungry for junk.

But of course I don't wanna cook, so I'm probably just going to eat some camembert or broth with no-carb noodles or something lazy like that. Maybe add an egg. Because egg is delicious.

Who am I kidding? I will probably fall asleep for most of today.

But comfort food will have to wait. I have work to do.