Getting My Shit Together

I'm headed off up to Tullagawoopwoop to visit my friendo soon. So far, I've gathered most of my clothing into a bag in case I couldn't get the suitcases, and then got the suitcases down -_-

There's a phenominal amount of gecko crap on them and I should brush them off before I get packing, and the list of things I really should buy is starting to grow...

But of course I also have to arrange for Mayhem's book list to happen at Officeworks, get meds for myself, and generally have a small panic attack about things because that's how I roll, apparently.

If there's no Instant on New Years', it's because travelling for most of the day wiped me out. I will likely post a brief "Arrived safely" message on my Tumblr but that's probably going to be it.

I do not travel well.

Nevertheless, I shall make an effort. I might not succeed, but the effort will be made.

I might even write the story the evening before and post it on the morning of so I don't have to stress.

Nobody minds if I skip the TAZ flash fanfiction... right?