Game night tonight!

Obviously, I didn't finish novelising the last installment of Gerroff's adventures. I'll get there. It's just... really low priority.

The mystery of the multiple postage companies has been solved so much that I can timeline the events:

  1. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 1
  2. AusPost won't take none of that shit
  3. Shipping Company 1 returns parcel to Stevia Company
  4. Stevia Company sends me my stevia via Shipping Company 2
  5. Who immediately just send it of via Australia Parcel Post
  6. ALL THREE OF THESE LOSERS send me info about the same firkin parcel
  7. I eventually get my stevia. Yay!

Meanwhile, I've done the Leyland's tour, trying to pick up a ghost parcel, looking for granulated stevia, fetching eggs and cream, and finally returning home to work on yesterday's Instant. Then I get a notice from AusPost.


I still managed to get everything done, though, so yay... ish.

The interesting bonus part of yesterday was Beloved deciding that everyone needed an upgrade for their PC gaming rig. Including yours truly - dedicated Apple user. I have literally not touched my PC in years. Therefore, apart from the hard drive, I practically have a new PC. Or I will, once I get the firkin thing assembled.

Assembly of mine was cut short by Mayhem needing assistance until I just flat-out fell asleep. Whoops. With luck, I should have some of that done this morning.

Today, I should be getting the new dishwasher and I should be hearing back from the air con guys installing the ducted system, but given the extreme lack of communication from the former, I'm betting my chances are slim.

Still... I get to play D&D today. It is such fun.