Fun was had

We had a good handful of hours out. The entire family commenced their Pokejourney and, thanks to some lures set out by the businesspeople of Chermside, the little darlings and I leveled up a snootch.

The kids got more leveling done because my game crashed 90% of the time. My fickle fingers worked their anti-magic once more and I spent most of my time attempting to load pokemon go.

But I still made it to level 8, so suck it.

There's an even divide between Team Red and Team Blue in our house. This is going to result in some interesting gym trips, I can tell.

The first thing I am going to get when I start getting an income from my endeavours is going to be a mobile device that is steadfast against the storms of my over-use. That, and a metric crapton of chargeable batteries for the iDevices. And maybe a hydra or three.

Hydras are those multi-headed cable things. USB at one end and a host of others streaming out of it like -well- the heads of the mythical hydra. I don't know if there's an official name for them, but that's what I'm calling them until corrected.

Considering the plethora of devices we collect, having more than one hydra makes firkin sense.

But it's back to business, today. I now have a Beta-reader-ready copy of Adapting ready for the few loyal souls who actually get back to me about things. And I'll have to include a brief thing about properly referencing errata because some people like to send me a wall of text without proper points of navigation and with extra sprinklings of life story. You know who you are.

If I can't find what the flakk you're talking about, I can't fix it.

My preferred format for corrections goes: page number, quote of the thing that is wrong(preferably an entire sentence), followed by a correction to what you reckon it should be.

This gives me two ways to find the thing. Just in case out page numbers differ, I can find it by the quote. And then weigh the correction in the balance and get to it. And since I like to have all my beta reviews in one basket, it's so much better if the Beta stuff is separate from the personal stuff. I can take months to get to going through the Beta stuff.

Okay, I've been rambling. What I really need to do is hunt down agents and Beta readers and get those slow, slow gears finally turning.