Fun times ahead

MeMum actually won a li'l something in the Lotto, and each member of the family syndicate gets a little over $100 bonus. However, Mum doesn't trust the post office to get a letter to anywhere if it has cash in it, so I'm courier for Beloved's Mum's dividend.

What happened to sending a 'Congratulations' type card with said dividend inside? It's not like the post office scours letters for that kind of deal. But then I remember that there's change involved and, like me, MeMum's a stickler for exactness and honesty when we owe people shit.

I'm not posting my vital statistics until something firkin changes. I'm currently holding stable around the 77 Kilo mark [I just dipped below that by 0.1 of a Kilo. Not a reason to celebrate IMHO] and my measurements are stable, too.

Primarily because I'm not making myself do that exercise thing. I am a lump. The end.

I should be all in on the exercise, though. It's a cheap way to warm myself up now that the winter cold is sneaking in. But no, I'd rather sit and be cold and miserable whilst I create stuff or play Minecraft.

I have had to remind myself to do elementary self care via post-it note. Just a little thing on the ensuite mirror to brush my firkin teeth every morning. I'll worry when I need reminders to eat good food. I'm probably overdoing the balsamic strawberries and mascarpone, but it's delicious and I need to keep my fat intake up so ner.

I shall not be sending KFZ to Bujold's agent. It's time I sent Adapting out there to the nice peeps on my list. At least I know how I should be doing a query letter, thanks to one A2B. Adapting is more representative of what I like to write, and I should keep one-off-wonders like KFZ and, alas, Beauties and the Beastly to myself unless someone asks for them.

But I also want to make money out of them, so... what do I do? I need to scratch up another $400 US for cover arts for KFZ if I want to send it out to the world via Lulu. And I already spent $400 US trying to get KFZ represented. Sigh.

I'm an expensive 'Nutter.

One day, this shall all pay for itself. I hope. And maybe pay for a little something-something extra for everyone who's had to put up with my shit for so long.

Ah, such high hopes.