FUBARs, PLNs and apologies

Something went drastically wrong with Steemit, yesterday. And I can only hope that it's not an ongoing something.

What happened was, whenever I tried to initiate a new post, the form would pop up with my last post. The last thing I had written live on Steemit.

And I was terrified I would be editing that out of existence, so I didn't touch that noise.

The good news is that I found a work-around by scheduling that post with the queued stuff. Alas, the queue has been a touch wonky, so I have to go back and fix that at a later date.

Which will not be happening this week.

Nope. In full Murphy's style, this is the week where I can expect a maximum amount of running about and a minimum amount of free time.

Good news - I had a work-around. Bad news - I had to leave my ailing compy on all night to be certain it worked.

So yes, yesterday's story is up. And I had to do some restarting to get the picture in there.

I do not anticipate having that time or ability for long, so I'm testing things.

And the test is successful. I am not wiping out an old story by replacing it with a new one. Much relief.

Which means I have to get on with today's noise. And fast. Because I also have PLNs for a round trip to Scenic Coominya with that care package. Because post office was closed by the time I got it together.

This... is going to be a FUN day.