The second-last Friday of the school year. Mayhem has his traineeship, and Chaos has one more week of a schedule before it all gets disorganised.

Mayhem can beg off going to Coominya, this year. He has work to get to every week. And I don't even know if Capt. S wants company this year.

I've just now shared a whole bunch of my fanfic links with Tumblr so nobody misses out on the pain joy I have to share.

And I've included a link in my site menu here to my AO3 haunt so everyone can find it. Might as well fess up to everything I write. And -hey- peeps like the shiny elf stories, so why not?

The internet's been acting up a LOT lately. And there's been people running cable around the neighbourhood, so maybe, just maybe, the NBN is coming to our humble abode. That would be nice. Having a sweet internet speed for yuletide would be the best Christmas present yet.

Just in time for net neutrality to go away and the suck to return.

The people have been fighting to keep the internet neutral since 2014. It's going to keep going until we're all too exhausted to fight it any more.

But there's always making your own neutral server. People have done it before. The Internet was never meant to be censored.

Welp. Today's story is going to be late, and I need to arrange as much as I can before it hits 7. I need hugs, but the anguished screams of my readers will have to do.