Friday! Yay!

Today's the day that Gerroff starts their adventures. Tonight, myself and Mayhem will be trundling down to town to join in with a party of adventurers currently in the Underdark.

I'm excited.

My main task du jour is to focus enough that I can actually get shit done so I have the time to go and play.

Of course, Mayhem has been super-excited about going out to play, so he's talking a mile a minute. Keeping me derailed.

For the record, flipping around didn't do much to keep me asleep. I couldn't settle in my upside-downness, but I think I should be blaming the tech lights near my bed rather than the position. Beloved suggested that I should ditch the doona, but all that did was make the top cold while the underside roasted.


I got slightly more rest. Slightly. I feel functional, so I'm taking that win.

Fingers crossed I last the entire day. Yet another reason I'm taking the train into the city.

That's the pln. We shall see if it succeeds.