Friday, Day 0, Set-up Issues

Plague news: One new case, an import. We have seventeen total active cases, twelve of those are in hospital. Australia's at 87.6% first vax, 75.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 76.5% first vax, 62% fully vaxxed.

I have starters to feed, bikkie to eat, possibly a Catio to fix... it's a holiday, so Chaos is staying home for a long weekend.

I don't have to clean the Catio because my little furmonsters haven't been in there for the entire week.

My PLNs to become Twitch Affiliate are now waiting on Twitch realising I've averaged higher than 3 concurrent viewers. Fingers crossed it happens today. So I can set up for Game of Tomes.

I'm working V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y on the current dungeon map because it is FULL of firkin horseshit like wibbly wobbly half-collapsed caverns and caves and shit. AUGH.

I'm ragequitting a lot.

BUT I may also be writing some of the final words in my novel today. I might be doing it next week. I finish the story, not the words.

And, I have learned, it is better to over-write than aim for exactly the right words.

In the news:

  • Facebook now named Meta and changing little else
  • Cleo's parents targeted by trolls after her vanishing
  • Wild weather set to keep on being wild
  • Body dumped outside hospital
  • ScoMo fighting the trolls

Posting story, and then doing stuff.