Friday: Convicted Felon Donald J. Trump

Somewhere in that favoured land the sun is shining bright. The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light. And somewhere the left is laughing while children play in muck...

Because that corrupt president's been found...


Tumblr's writhing in glee over this. The Fediverse is having joyful fits. There's hosts of people chorussing the words "Convicted felon Donald Trump."

The schadenfreude is delicious this morning.

...and yes, I did look up the poem Casey at the Bat to paraphrase for those opening paragraphs here. And yes, I did have immense fun with the re-wording.

That Muppet's deserved to be behind bars for all of his political career, and most of his waking life IMHO. May his empire crumble to ashes, and his name be remembered forever in ignominy. May he be an important lesson for generations to come.

As it is, the orange one is crying foul, whining that it's not fair, and howling that it's all a political set-up. He can chuck every tantrum about it, but he only has himself to blame.

It's pure poetry.

Suffer in your jocks, 'mate'.