Fixed today? Pls?

I took my erratic lappy up to the Apple Store as a good owner should... and it’s going to be five days to get it back once it’s been repaired.

Of course it behaved like a saint when it was seeing the techsperts. The bugger.

They’re replacing the entire keyboard which, as you might know, is pretty much the entire business end of a laptop. Seems to me it might be quicker to make a complete clone/backup of my lappy on an identical machine, give me that, and do whatever with the old one, including a factory reset.

I have not installed any physical markers on my lappy, like a “This machine disturbs fascists” sticker or whatever, so I wouldn’t know it from an identical silver MacBook Air and think that they’re firkin geniuses in the back. I’m easily fooled that way.

But no, I’m lappyless for the interim and doing all my work on the iPad Pro

NBN is sending out A. Guy to come and look at our connection and figure out what has been going amiss with our ability to reach out and connect with everyone. I hope it happens same day, because it’s already been a week of hell and phone data is where they make the moneys. Lots of moneys.

May A. Guy be swift, and competent, and never try to sell us a line. Because if they tell us that it’s the ISP, there will be explosions.

This promises to be interesting. Especially since I have just lost the cursor on my web browser.

I need every luck there is.