Fighting for motivation over here

I have two episodes of Inter-Mission to edit instead of one. Two pieces of music to unearth from my cerebellum instead of one. If I mix in older tracks from my first album [please buy generously] I might have time to do more episodes.

I know I have one listener to my podcast, so I need to get that backlog back up. I can't let that one listener down.

Episode 18 will have older music so I can have the time to make newer stuff.

This weekend, there is a HELLUVA run-around. Because Mayhem needs some stuff for work, because I need to re-stock stuff, because I need to know about things from the Warhammer Shoppe that I've been gassing about for the entirety of this week... If we can cram it into one day, then I have a single day to just... recharge.

Not looking good for my black little heart, folks.

I'll get past this obstacle eventually. I just gotta get things accomplished so I have time to unwind.

In the meantime, I sigh a lot and carry on.

Today, the big things are a thousand words and the Instant, today. Also a house unfuckening. Whee.

If I can manage it, I will definitely include the Adventure Zone story prompt that's been sitting in my Tumblr inbox for literally DAYS. [Sorry, dear little Nonny OP, I will be trying to get to it eventually]

Hurgh. Onwards.