Despite the combined best efforts of both medicine and myself - Mayhem is still throwing up. We can't nail down the cause and sending him to school is counterproductive.

They don't like him being there if he's upchucking.

Meanwhile, he and I will be working on other causes. Starting with the state of his pig sty room. I'm willing to bet there's at least a cubic meter of assorted rubbish and filthy plates or glasses in there. Getting rid of the nasties may help keep his stomach contents on the inside.

Mayhem knows he's not getting much in the way of entertainment when he's at home for sickness.

Meanwhile, I need a tank of fuel, and food for the cat. There goes the very last of my money before I can snag some more milk.


One more day. We can hang out for one more day.

But, Powers damn it, it firkin sucks to have to hang out for one more day.

Pity I can't find a ready source of cheap long-life milk. Otherwise, I would be set.

Any and all suggestions for help, yadda yadda yadda...