Fanfic Time: Don't Pity Me part 50

Very much NSFW fic continued from yesterday:

Fracture Fifty: Peace in Another’s Arms (part two)

  They didn’t care how loud they were. It didn’t matter how loud they were. All there was was each other.

  Kitty all but ground herself into the base of his tail as the coiling, twining, prehensile limb filled her like nothing else. Kurt’s pulse made it jump inside her, his heart’s rhythm driving her wild.

  When she came down from her tenth and eleventh successive orgasms, her hand was in Kurt’s lap, gently petting his poor tent. Kitty had to note the growing patch of warm moisture, there.

  “Wow,” she breathed. “Guess I got even.” It was still standing strong, somehow. Either he’d gone off and come back up while she was still climaxing, or his own climax was very recent, and he was still ‘standing to attention’.

  Kurt’s reply was an inarticulate string of 'oh’s and 'ah’s.

  Poor Elf. From what Kitty had read, guys needed a few more minutes of recovery time. His tail wriggled free of her, and only served to reheat her ardour. She could wait, though, for her poor beloved to return to his senses. Kitty genty smoothed his back-fur down, going with the grain and adding gentle massages at points where he sighed.

  There was one little place, right where his tail departed from his spine, that made him sigh and moan. She’d been grinding her pelvis against it when they were having tail sex. She must have given him a bruise.

  His poor moist tail was dancing, though, whenever she touched that spot. _He must be like, sensitive there,_ she thought, and a wicked idea overcame her.

  Kitty kissed her way down to that spot and, murmuring as she did so, kissed and licked it, sometimes adding a play-bite to the gentle rise at the beginning of his tail. By the time she was done, the tent was back to its full glory, and poor Kurt was incoherent.

  “You - little witch,” he managed, tackling her in a fierce embrace and covering her with kisses. “You - sorceress…” Fuzzy hands ghosted over her, feeling ever inch. A busy mouth kissed until she was sure his lips were getting friction burns. “No-one,” he panted. “Never…” He worked his way in between her legs and, leaning her back, once again lay on top of her.

  His eyes looked a little frenzied. His hold on himself was becoming fragile. His eyes flickered, and Kitty caught a glimpse of Hure, before Kurt resurfaced.

  “I *am* in control,” he whispered. “I can do this. I *want* to do this. I don’t need you. I need *her*.”

  “Are you all right?” Kitty panted. His frenzied actions had lit her fires once more, but even though she was hungry for release, she was worried about her lover.

  He was relaxed now. In control. “Ja. But FYI?” he guided her hand to that little place. “*There* is an Elf erogenous zone. Don’t give it too many hummers.”

  Kitty giggled. “Any other little places I should like, know about?" she asked, half playful.

  "I’ll give you a hint,” he said, and suckled on her earlobe a moment before he answered, “Foot play.”

  Kitty smiled and twined her leg with his, her toes teasing at his fur as she felt out his thighs and calves. She watched his reactions the whole time, but got nothing more out of him than a mysterious, sexy smile and some purely divine breast play.

  When she got down to his ankle-joint, Kitty fearlessly explored his differences. At one point, she got an amusing idea for an alternate use for his toes, but decided to keep until later. He twitched and sighed at last when she found his dewclaw-toe with hers, and rumbled a delighted purr against her when she tickled him on the underside.

  Kitty grinned with glee and dove for his nearest foot. At first, she tickled him with her fingers; then, emboldened, began kissing him. Kurt was forced to return his appreciation along her bottom and thighs, but he did so with lips, tongue and hands.

  Kitty leaned a little further forward and encapsulated his third toe in her mouth.

  “Leiber Gott!”

  “Nice to know I’m appreciated,” Kitty purred, and returned to torturing his toe with tongue, lips and teeth.

  Kurt got revenge on her, of course, by giving her a little feedback. Her upturned bottom also exposed her sensitive and slightly swollen nether parts. Kitty decided, after the resultant orgasm, that there was nothing on Earth like a hummer from a guy who could also purr.

  “That makes it an even dozen,” Kurt said, panting a little as he helped Kitty to lie by his side. “You’re almost ready, Liebchen.”

  “Do do what?” she asked. “Explode?”

  “Exploding’s my department, Schatz,” he joked. “One more little stretching exercise, and I can give you what you need.”

  “I don’t think I can,” she gasped, “take many more orgasms…”

  “You’re stronger than you think, meine geliebt.” And once again, his hand was at her crotch.

  For such thick fingers, he was a master of manipulation. His silky fur sliding between her labia felt divine. And then that same, too-thick digit entered her. It was only a little painful, a discomfort easily overcome by his finding her G-spot with an alarming accuracy. Before she knew it, he was deep inside her and she was writhing to get more. His thumb agitated her clitoris, and she came again.

  Unlucky for some. 

  Kitty smiled at the familliar stars and lazily tugged at his shorts. They stuck a little on his 'tent-pole’, but his glory was soon revealed to her.

  “See?” Kurt said. “I told you I was getting blue balls.”

  Kitty had to laugh at him. “You - fuzzy elf!” She dragged him down to her and gave him a good Frenching. “Now, let me *appreciate* the view, huh?”

  Kurt finished escaping the boxers and posed. He was fuzzy all over, and the fine fur on his shaft fluffed a little with each beat of his pulse. He *was* carrying a concealed weapon. Kitty was positive. Once she had that thing inside her, she’d just *die*.

  With a smile on her face.

  Kurt crawled up to her, purring like a big cat, and produced a tube of something he’d picked up with his tail (another lethal weapon) from his pants on the floor.

  “I don’t think we like, need lube, fuzzy,” Kitty said as she watched him smear his member with the substance.

  “It’s spermicide,” said Kurt. “Just playing safe.”

  “But I’m like, on the pill.”

  “Like I said. Playing safe." 

  "I thought you weren’t supposed to believe in contraception,” Kitty said.

  “I know. I’m a *very* naughty Catholic. I should go and confess,” he moved closer to her, eyes full of love, “Except this doesn’t feel like a sin.” He ducked as he approached and kissed his way *up* her stomach this time; and gently, carefully, pressed himself into her.

  It didn’t hurt at all. There was a little initial discomfort as he slipped into her opening, but once past that, it was solid gold. Kitty gasped with relief, just to have him joining her. She also had to grunt each time he pressed a little further in.

  Tabby hadn’t been joking when she said he was big. He felt, to her sensitive parts, to be positively ginormous. She was personally amazed that she didn’t split wide open.

  His fur tickled and teased her with each thrust *and* each heartbeat, and it felt like an agony of eternity to wait for him to encapsulate his member inside her.

  He went deeper and deeper, and all Kitty could do was want more. Did he go on forever or *what*?

  “Almost,” he whispered. “Almost in you, geleibt.”

  She could feel him sort of pushing against the top of her vagina. She wanted more of that, preferably for the rest of eternity. Kurt obliged by withdrawing a little, then pushing harder, just enough to make her moan, but not enough to cause pain.

  Kurt withdrew a little more, pushed a little more, and Kitty gasped, the stars were threatening to come, and so was she. _Just a little more…_

  “Just a little more,” he whispered encouragingly, as if in answer to her thoughts. With each thrust forward, his fur tantalised her stomach, breasts and chest. He thrust again, pushing at her again. Deeper. Harder.

  Kitty cried out, “More! Oh, *please*, more…”

  Kurt looked intensely relieved. “Don’t want to hurt you,” he whispered.

  “I don’t *care*,” she whimpered. “Fill me up.”

  Gently, always gently, and *agonisingly* slowly, he obeyed. Kitty was caught up in yet another climax as he finally sheathed his entire shaft inside her body.

  “What are you doing?” he joked as soon as she came back to herself. "Trying to wring me dry?“

  "I want all of you, Kurt Wagner,” she said. “Every last fuzzy inch.”

  “Seven and three-eighths, actually,” he murmured. Kurt buried his face in her neck before his hips started moving.

  He withdrew nearly all the way, and Kitty feared he’d start slowly filling her again until he surprised her with a sudden, deep thrust that almost made her come again. The second time, she realised it was another fuzzy trick. Nine short thrusts, followed by one big one. It was agony and ecstasy all in one; and he looked like he could keep it up - no pun intended - forever. Then, with equal surprise for Kitty, he gave her ten solid, deep thrusts that threw her over the brink.

  Kitty got *very* religeous at that point. Kurt could renew just about anyone’s faith in the Almighty.

  You needed someone to *thank*.