Challenge #0038: Where Art Thou, Daughter?

Before Josie’s mom goes to Kraplaquistan, recount the last conversation she had with Jason and how little she really knows how awful he is, even as it reeks and ferments before her very eyes due to her obsession to bring Josie back to her point of view.

Porche  greeted Jason with a warm hug and a kiss on each cheek. “Daar-ling! How have you been? I’ve been dying to see you since Tullagawupwup…”

Jason smiled warmly for her and waved away a disappointed blonde in the background. “Porche, dear Porche… Have you heard anything from poor, lost Josie? Has she changed her mind?”

“I heard from a good friend that one of his distant cousins glimpsed her in Kraplaquistan, of all places.”

“That is a lot of miles to track her down,” Jason snagged a passing champagne. “I do hope that inheritance dear Josie is due is not catching a beating. I’d hate to think of you lovely ladies becoming destitute.”

“Oh, no, don’t you worry your darling head about it. I pretty much budgeted for all this travelling since before dear Josie took it into her head to go gallivanting. Securing the knowledge of my poor girl’s future and its security is just a drop out of the reservoir.”

“And I trust you’re well adept at keeping any… nasty rumours under wraps?”

“Of course, of course. My best friends own the networks. The rest can be dismissed as hateful things people spread on the internet. Lesbian, indeed,” Porche sniffed.

“Ha. I put rest to that one,” Jason laughed. “You can’t be a lesbian if you’ve had sex with a man.”

“Yes. No need to state it so crudely, my dear.”

“There’s a polite way to say it?”

“Perhaps that you both enjoyed a ménage?”

“Oh yeah,” Jason swapped his empty glass for a handful of canapés. “I ménaged her brains out.”

Porche cleared her throat and pretended not to have heard Jason’s last remark. For all his occasional crude attitude, he was of good stock with some very good political connections. If she could just convince that idiot girl to give up her nonsense and live properly, then Porche’s grandson may well be leader of the free world.

As she drifted away, she could have sworn she glimpsed Jason re-joining the blonde he disappointed earlier. One of his more regrettable tendencies was that he lacked a certain amount of volume control.

“Yeah, that’s the old bat. Gonna marry her only daughter for the money, fuck ‘er until she pops out a kid or two, and then set us up on our own little holiday island. Ugly as hell, the both of them, and the daughter’s damn flaming. Of course I’m all yours. I got a whole library of excuses to stay away from them.”

Boyish high spirits. Once Josie had him settled down, he would forget about the blonde. And if he refused to part with that silicone-stufed piece of eye candy… Porche would just have to find out the girl’s name - and make her life… inconvenient.

Nobody put one up on Porche VonSmythe. Tomorrow, she was going to fly to Kraplaquistan and drag Josie back to the altar if she had to. But for now, it was smiles, glitter and wine.

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