Fanfic Time: Don't Pity Me part 49

Very much NSFW fic continued from yesterday:

Fracture Forty-Nine: Peace in Another’s Arms (part one)

  They’d been planning this event for weeks. It had felt like forever, while they were trying to find a piece of time, but they’d found it. The story for their comrades and families was that they were seeking a little ‘together time’. It was strictly true, but no-one had mentioned, or asked, what they were *doing* together.

  It had been a wonderful morning. Breakfast at the Waffle Barn, followed by a fluff-brained comedy movie to chase the last shadows out, and then to the little hotel room.

  Kurt, of course, had a surprise for her in the elevator.

  There was a small velvet box, it would have almost blended in with his blue fur, nestled in his palm. Kitty knew what was in there. “Oh, *Kurt*…”

  “I can’t pledge forever, liebe,” he began. “We’re still young, and we have a lot of growing to do. People do the most changing between fifteen and twenty-five. And then they change again.” He sighed. “We may grow past each other… but for now, until we *both* decide otherwise, I'd like nothing else than to grow with you.” He opened the box.

  Kitty was right. It was a delicate little engagement ring. She tried it on, and it fit. “Oh, *Kurt*…” Tears pricked her eyes. “I wanna like, grow with you, too.”

  They kissed, and almost missed their floor as a direct result. Kurt's kisses always made Kitty giddy, and they giggled all the way to the room, laughed at Kurt’s fumbling with the key, and wound up having a tickle-war when they got inside.

  Kitty gasped when she noticed the room. Kurt must have had a quiet word with the management when he made the booking. The bed was scattered with rose petals, and the room itself lit with candles. The little floating ones, set in glass bowls of water.

  “Did you like, read my diary or something?” she asked.

  Kurt had somehow lost his hologram during the tickle-fight, and his blue fuzzy face was a forged picture of innocence. “Me?” he said. “I never pry into a lady’s secrets.” He pretended wounded dignity for all of three seconds. “If you must know, Rogue was holding a reading while you were on one of your dates with *him*.”

  “I’ll kill her later,” Kitty said, gently easing Kurt’s overshirt off his shoulders. “If I don’t have a good reason to thank her.”

  Kurt began kissing her neck, licking as he nibbled there, too. “What are Elves for?” he said, “If not to make dreams come true?”

  Her sweater joined his overshirt on the floor, and despite her feelings for him, she blushed. Kitty hated her shoulders, and always tried to hide them from public view.

  Kurt seemed pleased about her just standing there in a shift-top and pants, caressing the newly-exposed flesh with a delicate, plush touch. Nervous, yet sure her Elf would never hurt her, she pulled his undershirt out of his pants and explored the lovely pelt underneath it.

  _He’s so soft,_ she marvelled. _And so hard underneath. Iron under velvet. All alive. All mine._

  Kitty murmured her appreciation as they moved into an embrace, and Kurt sighed with her. She only flinched a little at the feeling of hardness at around crotch-level in Kurt’s pants. Tabby had been right. Kurt *was* bigger than Lance.

  “If you’re scared,” Kurt whispered. “If you want to stop, and absolutely mean it, your safe word is 'grove’. Can you remember that?”

  “Yeah. But like, why do I need a like, safe word at all?”

  “Sometimes,” he murmured, kissing and nibbling at her ear, “a partner will moan something that sounds like 'no’, or say 'no’ when they don't really want to. This clears up the confusion.” He paused, and looked her in the eye, loving and affectionate. “Mine’s 'Heirelgart’.”

  It made sense. Heirelgart was the one place in the world that was purely, one hundred percent safe for him. Kitty kissed him, tasting his mouth. Sweet and fresh, with a hint of strawberries from the breakfast they shared.

  “Did we remember to put the 'Do not disturb’ sign up?”

  “Yes, meine liebe,” Kurt slowly sneaked her shift off, leaving her with only her bra for cover.

  Kitty got quick revenge, skinning his long-sleeved shirt from him and leaving him looking extremely ruffled and fluffy all over. _God, he's sexy like that,_ she thought. _I wonder if he’ll look like that - youknow - *after*…_ Kitty blushed again, but by that time, Kurt was sort of rubbing himself up against her. The lethal weapon in his pants rubbed against her crotch. It felt good.

  They fell together onto the bed, scattering rose petals and exploring each other. Kurt’s ever-handy tail managed to undo both flies whilst his hands were pre-occupied with the bra. Kurt slowly seduced each breast, thoroughly nuzzling, kissing, nibbling and licking each nipple before buffing her body with his delicious fur.

  Kitty was panting. It all felt so wonderful. He was fuzzy *magic*. Somehow, he made her want nothing more than to feel filled by him. She wasn’t even scared about how big he was. She knew he’d be gentle.

  That tail of his snaked into her pants, brushing over her legs and caressing her in a feeling both alien and wonderful, strange and seductive.

  Their witty repartee, of course, had dissolved into nothing more than moans, coos and whimpers. Breathless endearments, hastily whispered in the fight for oxygen.

  They lost their pants, somewhere in their tumblings together, and Kitty was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by the fuzz. One of his hands descended to her crotch, thinly covered by her panties, and massaged her.

  It was more than she could stand. In a moment, he had her screaming his name, calling out to God, and moaning with relief. She felt so embarrassed that she could actually *do* that…

  Kurt, as always, was gently smiling. “Happy first orgasm, geliebt,” he purred, adding an extra dimension to the sensations already overwhelming her. Her whole body felt like it was sizzling.

  “There’s,” she panted, “going to be more?”

  “Many more,” he promised. 

  The tent in his boxers was, once again, almost a threat. Kitty had only caught the briefest glance of Lance’s 'equipment’ and that had hurt like a pile-driver had smashed into her. She’d been almost too scared to try and look at Kurt’s, when they were in Hess’ basement, but she’d had to sneak a peek, regardless. In Hess’ basement, inactive and quiet, it hadn’t looked that much. As blue as the rest of him, sure; but it wasn't that scary.

  Now that it was 'awake’, Kitty was having second thoughts.

  Kurt lay on top of her, just gently pressing himself into her, letting her get used to the feel of him. It wasn’t so bad. In fact, she got a second orgasm off of it. Kurt adjourned, at that point, to help himself to something in the 'fridge.

  “Typical Elf,” Kitty giggled, still mazed with the sizzling stars all through her body. “Always stopping to snack.”

  Kurt just laughed, and scurried back to her. His next kiss included an ice cube. The shock of its chill woke her up to all sorts of naughty things written on the girl’s bathroom stalls. _Oh, God. He isn’t…_

  Kurt retrieved the ice from her mouth and began kissing his way down her body, stopping periodically to torture her with the ice. He was always sure to chase the freezing ice with his red-hot mouth, but that, too, was becoming torture.

  By the time he began easing off her panties, she practically thrust her hips into his face. She wanted to feel him there. She *needed* to feel him there. Kurt chuckled, an, “Einfach, Madchen,” and tossed her underpants - somewhat accurately - at the pool of clothes near the bed. Then he continued his kissing, ice-torture path down to the promised land.

  Kitty practically screamed when his hot tongue invaded her labia and curled around her clitoris. She definitely did so when he guided the ice around the same parts. Sharp fangs threatened, yet never broke tender skin. A clever, masterful tongue played her like an instrument. Between him, his fur, and the ice cube, Kitty got three more orgasms, at least. Especially when he put his tongue inside her. And then the ice cube.

  Kurt surfaced, grinning, with a tiny little chip between his teeth. He fed it to her with his mouth, and Kitty was glad of the tiny drink, no matter where it had been. She was even gladder of his mouth, and the taste of her on top of the taste of him.

  His damn pants were still on! Kitty growled a little and frantically tugged at them, only to find Kurt fighting her. “Not yet, geliebt. Not yet.”

  “I need you, damn it,” she panted. “I need you inside me *now*.”

  “I’d hurt you,” he said, equally out of breath. “I want never to hurt you.”

  Kitty straddled one of his legs, her hips thrusting with want. "Please,“ she begged. "I don’t care if it hurts, I *need* you.”

  “I know. I need you, too. But not now. Here,” deft, he lifted her, and put her naked body astride his tail. “Hug me from behind.”

  The tail was sort of okay. She could even nearly feel a spinal cord through the fuzz-coated flesh. It wriggled and writhed up between her nether lips as she attempted to seduce Kurt. His hands were free to explore her legs, while hers caressed his rock-hard muscles and teased at kitten-soft fur.

  Kitty shrieked a little when Kurt’s tail, with a sudden hitch and half-twist, entered her increasingly wet vagina. It curled into her of its own accord, twisting deeper with each passing moment. The stars overwhelmed her for an eighth glorious time, just to feel that peculiar, twining glory writhing about her insides.

  Kurt grunted, too, and Kitty could tell that he was getting at least some pleasure from - well - tail sex. “You’ve got good pelvic floor muscles,” he said. “Been doing a lot of exercise, ja?”

  What an ironic thing to discuss in the bedchamber! Kitty had to laugh, even though she was madly trying to thrust even more of his tail into her. “Mom always *said*,” she panted, “I’d make my man grateful.”

  “And how,” Kurt breathed, pressing her close to him. “Geleibt, you have *no* idea… *OH*!” He threw his head back, onto her shoulder, and they managed to French - albeit at an awkward angle - as the stars overcame them both.