Mayhem has succumbed to Chaos' virus. Which means I have two kids at home with the Lurgi. It also means that I have to drag Mayhem up to the doctors to get more paperwork, blablabla.

And I have a rash in a painful place that needs to be fixed by not wearing tight clothing. Or not wearing clothing at all.

BUT I have to be out and about. Getting paperwork, fetching ginger ale because everyone is sick... and getting some spray cream because the in-laws demand we eat some bargain cake and the trouble with bargain cake is debatable chocolate...

I'm gonna get what we need in one trip and go the heck home for the rest of the frelling day. The firkin end.

And thanks to the Bennett twins, I was pleasantly distracted between two different art forms for a majority of this morning. So that's one plus point I have in my favour.

The minus point is, of course, that I am almost destined to go down with lurgi now, so I might as well get my juice and ginger ale while I'm out and about.

At least we have plenty of soup.