Downward Spiral

I'm going down with whatever persistent thing this is. I can feel it. My batteries are low, my tasks are large, and I do not anticipate respite at any time soon.

And when I do get it, nobody else will be there to make sure I don't need medical intervention. Thanks, family. I understand you have places you need to be and all, but I'd like someone to decide that isn't very important compared to the health of this particular loved one.

Beloved's fever seems to have gone away. Yay. Now all we need to do is get the intestines kick-started and things should be almost back to normal.

So to recap:

  • poisoned myself and loved ones with bad bacon
  • caught a Lurgi of the intestinal variety
  • had to fetch, shift, repackage and store half a cow corpse practically solo
  • been nursing Beloved back to health
  • sole person to go and fetch anything we need
  • have to ferry Beloved to and from the doctor's today
  • still have to do all the other normal stuff as best I can
  • despite having my intestines wanting to impersonate a fire hose

And to add insult to injury, when I finally fall those last few paces into being Properly Sick, I will be doing my own nursing and recovery.

Basically, Beloved will bugger off to work, and my beloved brats also have schools to go to.

Nobody to check in on your friendly neighbourhood 'Nutter.

...and now I need to run to the loo. AGAIN.