Challenge #01498-D037: Pay Dirt

There's money in Muck. Points for referencing Harry King, he of the Golden River. -- Anon Guest

Recycling is de rigeur in space. Throwing something out into the void means having less of the thing that made it up in the first place. There's many a spacer who, setting foot on a planet for the first time, is astonished by rain, and water running down the gutters. Or, in the case of Earth, the trash mountains of the United States.

Spacers often make their money from scrounging the things that past peoples have thrown away or abandoned. Air, metal, minerals, even the electrical wiring can prove to be useful. Even the internal atmosphere, regardless of its contents, can be used for something.

Sooner or later, someone will use it or buy it. And some will even eat it.

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