Day of rest?

There's markets on, today. Markets that we should be at by eight. They close at eleven.

Then there's a barbecue lunch at a friend of Beloved's from work.

By which time I will possibly be knackered again.

And I have to make certain that my kids' bags are packed and ready, that their lunchboxes are named, that Chaos' hair is treated again... this time with stuff that will not poison all participants.

Because Monday is a school day. And even more chaos will ensue before we all have a rhythm with that. I expect to fall into a pattern just before the Easter Holidays.

One day, a Sunday will be a day of rest. Hahahahaha. I entertain myself.

Nope. We'll be going to the markets on Sunday to get whatever is fresh and seasonal. Might as well get used to it.

Shopping for extended periods still drains my spoons, and it throws my sleep cycle out because I nap until after dark,and then I'm awake for most of the night. This time, I was lucky. I laid down in the dark and read some of Lois McMaster Bujold's Penrick series. Either I really like the books, or they're really short, because I managed to finish the first one that night. The first time I've devoured a book in close to one sitting since the little darlings were born.

I was able to catch some hours in slumber before dawn and now I'm all rested and ready for the day.

And on days like this, I much prefer to schedule my Blasts From the Past after I'm done rattling around the scenery and looking for Celeriac.

Then, if I am lucky, I might have the time and energy to play some WoW.

But for now... stand by for my Instant.