Day of Rest

I've had an entire week of running about. An entire week of fetching, hassles, setbacks, fetching, going, et cetera. I just want to spend an entire day of slobbing about.

But of course we have plans to fix a window above an AC unit. We filled in the space above the AC with fibreboard [which I said was a bad idea and Beloved said was protected by the roof] and is now slowly rotting into an unhealthy mess because cyclone season.

One day, the love of my life will actually firkin listen to me.

I has teh wisdom. I should be listened to, dangit.

Meanwhile, I'm taking some time away from a LOT of my writing to just firkin relax and enjoy myself for a change. Or I hope to. Beloved has a very sore arm that needs some professional looking-at and therefore has difficulty with the whole driving thing.

I have a metric HEAP of laundry that's come up from cleaning the house, last Thursday. Even doing a minimum of one load a day is going to take some time to whittle it down. None of which is happening today because I need a slob day, darnit.

With potential for intermittent ferrying.

But I'd better get something of a rattle on. The less time I spend working, the more time I have for play.