Day 5: 8 Days remain

I gotta stay focussed. I gotta work on my nonsense and then stay the fuck away from my assorted devices that need the interwebs to work.

I gotta do a brat run, money run, organise shit... but that's literally hours away.

Beloved and I wasted 3/4 of the weekend on getting shit together to even start on the kitty kondo. BUT... We have all the wood cut to measure and we should start making the notches to slot in soon enough.

Beloved has promised to take a day off so we can get progress made. With any luck, I should know how to handle a bandsaw before the week is done.

After that? Nailguns. For sure.

We've got this week to make the kitty kondo happen. I'm scared more for that than I am about the interwebs. I can handle interwebs loss. I can't handle not having things ready in time.

I hate anxiety. I've been awake since 2:30 AM, and I won't be able to go back to sleep until like 9 tonight. BLUH.

Today - potentially this week - is going to suck.