Dat Organised? Am I?

This morning, I woke up at roughly half-past three AM [I had an early evening] and gave up on sleeping at 4. Instead of my usual procrastination, I pulled up my laptop and had a good old rant about Autism tropes over on my Wordpress.

Now that I'm here for my daily blogging, I'm back in the distractions but... eh. Whatever. I have one less thing to forget, so that's good.

You watch. I'll forget I posted it and do a twofer on the whole Tropes Vs Autism thing I have going on currently.

In the meantime, I have posted the latest chapter of Sweet Child of Mine and I did my All Hallow's Read piece in two sittings. It's disturbing and nasty and perfectly logical if you happen to be the murdering kind.

There's no obvious spelling errors, but I will be looking for Beta Readers after I get over the shock of having something accomplished without having to do it at Ferret Fart Desperation1 like I usually do. I actually have time to twiddle around with Photoshop and come up with some moderately decent cover art.

Go me.

In health news, we ran through all the hoops, and got a really fast-talking expert who very quickly stepped on all my objections to getting Mayhem some invasive surgery that could make the rest of his life inconvenient in the extreme. Now he doesn't believe me, but is also reluctant to go through with any surgical solutions.

He has not yet learned to be wary around people who talk that fast and insist on their option being the ONLY option. Time should cure him of that pretty damn fast.

I can only hope he learns to do his own fucking homework so he can actually make an informed decision.

  1. Story circulated amongst my family. There's a specific breed of ferret that has evolved a defence against pythons. As it's having its life squeezed out of it, just before its ribs start breaking, it releases the most NOXIOUS and foul-smelling WET FART from glands in its anus - thus making the python let go. The moral allegedly being that if you put enough pressure on people, they'll go to any lengths to get out of it.