Cue "Yakety Sax"

That's "The Benny Hill Theme" to many of you dear readers. Ideal music for running about like a chook after a chook with a curly grub.

So this was yesterday:

  • Get Chaos ready for her psych visit
  • Forget to urge Mayhem into motion
  • See Beloved off to work
  • Prepare for a long-arse trip there and back again
  • Just as it's time to go, realise that Mayhem fell asleep instead of getting ready and have an emotional blowout
  • Drive Mayhem to school
  • Realise I forgot to put dinner on
  • Realise that the car I'm borrowing (because I'm picking up a dryer later on) is almost out of fuel1
  • Realise that we also forgot the entertainment and power cells at home
  • Refuel car, smashing left thumb in process
  • Run home and put dinner on
  • Realise that Chaos has lost her recharger and loan her my iPad
  • Forget sunglasses and own lunchable snacks on the countertop like a dummins
  • Realise this at the point of no return for ferrying Chaos to her shrink
  • Two hour trip to Maroochydore
  • Hurry up and wait, followed by shrink visit2
  • Phone the people who might have our new dryer (they had it! Yay!)
  • Two hour plus trip to Caloundra to get to the place that's selling the dryer
  • They won't take Beloved's card without Beloved and Beloved's ID attached
  • Phone Beloved, who then orders the damn thing online (I had to read them their own dang card)
  • Pony up to the front desk with order number, ID, and my own assurance that yes, we are SO's
  • Get paperwork to fetch the dryer
  • Rattle around to the back of the shop to pick it up
  • Hurry up and wait, followed by actually getting the dang thing in the car
  • Drive home (roughly half an hour)
  • Get 1000 kilograms of dryer (I shit you not) out of the dang car so that both my kids can fit in
  • Also get same mass of dryer into the house in case weather
  • Half hour breather in the AC (::angel sounds::)
  • Fetch Mayhem
  • Collapse

And during all this, my longest, bestest friend is having a crisis because everyone else in the world has lead in their butts. Stay strong, friendo, everything will come into place. Trust in providence. Sometimes, aggressively so.

And this is today:

  • See Beloved off to work
  • Organise both little darlings for school
  • Do my Instant
  • Go to my shrink for what could possibly be an official diagnosis after 40-some years of just being bizarre
  • Sometime in there, do more work on my novel
  • Slot in time for some semi-serious doodles for the Sleep Evil Sleep project (which I am also having panic fits about)
  • Slot in some time to work on a project for an online alias I have
  • Somehow arrange dinner3
  • Fetch the kids
  • And probably collapse

And this is all before I get smeared with the Fuckup Factor. If yesterday's comedy of errors is any precedent, I'm in for an entirely sideways week. Because it includes swapping my license plates for cool new personalised ones, which also includes a run-around, paperwork and hurry-up-and-wait :P

And we still haven't got back to doing our exercises as of yet.


  1. Thanks, my love, for never firkin checking that until it's nearly too late.

  2. And some time in here, do some work on my book...

  3. At this point, I am certain that it's going to be yesterday's dinner with more veg thrown in and a little more water.