Coming Soon...

This Friday, I join up with a D&D group at Beloved's workplace. I may or may not have the little darlings in tow. That would make the evening more interesting, to be certain. And more expensive, since taking the train in is my pln for that evening.

I'm going to be documenting the adventures of Gerroff, a Kobold bard with an INT score of 10. They're agender and never saw why that was important. Whatever passes for puberty amongst Kobolds rolled a nat 1 when it attempted to hit Gerroff.

I've already decided that they speak Broken Common and have a passing relationship with what 'quality' is. Kid's got low bars to hurdle.

I tried to mix comedy, tragedy, and logic when coming up with Gerroff, so my plan is to merely have fun and let the drama develop naturally. I've also figured out that I can pass notes to the DM so they can play with Gerroff's secrets.

Watch my Tumblr Blog for the Slightly Embellished Adventures of Gerroff. Possibly by this Saturday.

As I said before, a decent half of this week is booked already. Monday's a cleaning day, as always. Tuesday has a visit to the doc. Wednesday is my first window for stowing my Scratchings in the bank. Somewhere in this mess, I really should do a coffee run because I'm down to four blocks of coffee, today.

Busy busy busy.