Coming soon...

I've been working on something of an epic Lorefic concerning the earliest days of my favourite automatons. And as soon as I'm done with another round of tech support for MeMum, I'll get right on back to finishing that monster off.

Then I shall think about a better title, chapter divisions, and correcting any extraneous minutia.

After that's done, dear readers, you get a bonus fiction, one chapter a day, until the story is done. With helpful linkages for navigation.

I'll have to add them after I have the link, but they will be there. First, Prev, Next, Last kind of deal. Obviously the "last" link won't be working until the final chapter.

But I am nearly almost there. Just have to focus my scatterbrain into finishing the darn thing.

Not today, though. Today, I unriddle MeMum's internet woes with her new compy.

After I'm done with my writing.