I'm getting stuff done. Hooray. Just... not all the stuff I want to do. C'est la vie, I guess. So yeah, I haven't arted.

But I did manage to clean most of the kitchen countertop. The only space left is the space covered by stuff that's due and overdue for getting washed.

I cleared out the drainer so that I can wash more stuff as time goes by.

I cooked a nice Leftovers breakfast, featuring last night's vegetables and four eggs that were still edible. I need to go shopping for fresher stuff. I've yet to eat it, but I do have food.

Spotted and obtained in Woolies, yesterday: Riced cauliflower in a 2-serving tub. They also have pre-cut vegetables that don't seem to contain potato, and zucchini noodles. All squirrelled away near the mushrooms in the veggie section.

But the house seems to be draining my energy and making it difficult for me to do stuff, and getting it to a point where I can do a lot of stuff involves... a lot of work that I don't have the energy for because the house is draining my energy.

...there's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, my dear...

It's a good thing that I'm hiring some nice folks to help out once a week. Otherwise it would be the same old cycle of, "knock myself out trying to clean the place", "fall over sick for a week or two", and, "have the house return to its normal state of entropy whilst I'm sick". Because nobody else cleans up after themselves no matter how much I yell about it.

With actual help, I can make headway and actually sort shit out.

And since I'm a hoarder of all kinds of things, that means a lot of shit to sort.

These people are going to be helping me out for some significant time.