Challenge #03984-J332: Early Access

A young mage just learning her magic makes a set of lovely gifts for Wraithvine, Gikka, Lilbit, and their traveling companions. What are they? A special bracelet, or for Lilbit a collar, that scares away all biting insects, fleas, mites, and other such vermin. A great thing for traveling near waterways in warm months when the mosquitoes were getting bad. -- Anon Guest

"It's not much, but it's the best I can do in gratitude," they young mage presented a set of leather straps with brass buckles and softly glowing runes. "Thank you. Thank you for everything."

The gratitude was familiar, and the gifts Wraithvine received were generally received with grace. If ze didn't need them, ze passed them on to the next person who did. What was rare was the fact that Wraithvine had never seen the likes of these trinkets before. They were obviously handmade, and slightly rushed. Just as obviously, the young Wizard Aelinor had done her best.

Wraithvine plucked one from the handful for closer examination. It was an otherwise ordinary leather strap. Made to adjust to any size from the thickest bicep to the thinnest wrist. The runework had been imbued during the carving, and enforced with threads of silver.

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