Challenge #03979-J327: Soft Hearted

Human to furry deathworlder.

"Can I give you a hug?"

Deathworlder to Human

"oh... kay...?"

Human hugs deathworlder with tears sliding down their face.

"Thank you, I needed this." -- Anon Guest

Ty looked down towards the slowly growing wet patch on her chest. The Ships' Human, Seph, was breathing erratically. His hands tangled in and clinging to her fur. Even though Ty had never taken Companion training, she had read the most important parts of the manual. So she petted Human Seph's hair.

"There, there," she cooed uncertainly. "There, there..."

Human Seph uttered a series of incomprehensible syllables into Ty's fur.

Ty urgently paged the nearest Companion and kept cooing, "There, there," with increasing nervousness. Human Seph continued to not make sense, clinging and sobbing and squeaking incoherently.

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