Challenge #03961-J309: An Attempt Was Made

Biowarfare, one of the nastiest of all weapons. A dying person falls against Sunshine as he stalks a dereg world to hunt his target. The pale lips whisper "They're about to attack CRC, warn them." And hands the killer a file warning of the disease, engineered to try to circumvent the immunoflu. -- Anon Guest

The datachip was smaller than Mr Sunshine's fingernail. Light and small and easy to lose. Mr Sunshine added it to a case in his pocket. He knew better than to plug it into his datareader and look at its content then and there.

That way lead to inevitable betrayal. It could be a trap. To discover the truth, Mr Sunshine needed an air-gapped inforeader isolated from the rest of the network.

He didn't have time to thank the individual who pressed it into his palm. The stranger was gone. Blending with the huddled masses of this Deregger world in need of strategic readjustment. Mr Sunshine continued with his objective before returning to his CRC evac vehicle.

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