Challenge #03935-J283: They Followed Him Home

A deregger wearing a collar and leash begged mr sunshine to be their owner. Why? Because their old owner had died at sunshine's hands and they were completely terrified of being free. -- Anon Guest

"You wish to... belong to me," said Mr Sunshine.

"Yes. I'm yours by conquest. They're the rules. I need rules. I need an owner. I don't know how to belong to me. It's too much."

Mr Sunshine knew his limits. "I'd be a bad master to you. I'm not cleared for guardianship of another cogniscent being." Another thought occurred to him. "Has your therapist been made aware of your... issues?"

The bit bottom lip and worried expression said it all. They had not consulted their therapist about it. They might not even have a therapist.

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