Challenge #03929-J277: Typical Tabletop Talk

P: “Calcium is a metal right?”

DM: “Right…”

P: “Ergo it’s affected by heat metal”

DM: “go on…”

P: “I cast heat metal on his skeleton”

DM: “… f*<£ it I’ll allow it”

[several turns later]

“As the evil wizard succumbs to his wounds, with his final breath,

He summons a Rust Devil” -- Anon Guest

"Wait. What?"

"Rust. Devil. An infernal variant of the rust monster." The DM at the table, Yaz, grinned. She was radiating smugness. "They have some hefty fire and heat resistance."

Petra, the former clever clogs who heated the Big Bad's skeleton, glared across the table as the rest of the players laughed and jeered. "You piece of shit. I love it. Okay. A challenge." They immediately went into their paperwork, looking things up.

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