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Challenge #03414-I126: The Escape Clause

An old spirit, hearing the two conversing, steps forward to give a hint of the bell. What was the hint? "They who become too tied to their power, become tied by the power. They who learn to work with hands, not magic, soon learn they hear no bells." -- Anon Guest

"Have we met?" said Wraithvine. "Normally the spirits who seem to lend instructions are trying to redeem themselves for something they did. Usually to me. Apologies for not remembering but there's been too many people who've wanted to be famous for killing Wraithvine."

The wandering soul gave the Wizard a withering glare. "'Tis I who made the bell. 'Tis I who charmed it to find... that boy. Long have I waited for the bell to ring. Long have I waited for the heroes to arrive."

This made Wraithvine stop doodling in the dirt. "So you know the rules. You know exactly how it works."

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