Challenge #03918-J266: How to Join Pax Humanis

She went to the CRC and asked, of all things, to join Pax Humanis. She did not want therapy, though she knew she needed it. She wanted to kill ones like the ones that had done her harm, so that others would not suffer the way she had. -- Anon Guest

Lots of people think that joining Pax Humanis gains one a license to kill. Rene was one of those people. Once they were free from their Deregger homeworld, and free from post-liberation rehabilitation, they sought out the nearest Pax Humanis contact point.

"I need to join," they said. "I want to kill them. Violently. I have dreams of bathing in their blood. I want to hit them over and over with any instrument I can lift until nothing is left but a bloody pulp."

"Rene Phreshaire[1], yes?" said the secretary at the desk. "Late of Greater Deregulation Middling Southwest?"

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