Challenge #03877-J225: Progressive Engineering

"How did your people study storms such as twisters in your past?" Human - "Oh, we drove big, heavy, vehicles right into the paths of these storms and studied them from the inside."

"Those must've been marvels of engineering, with caterpillars and all to anchor them."

Human - "Nope, just heavy cars with a bunch of armor welded on, kinda like a big tin can with an anchor, and us praying our luck held. Here's a video!"

"I'll say it again what I've said before, you people were, and are, completely nuts!"

Human - "But that's what makes us so much fun! And hey, it worked, right?" -- Anon Guest

[AN: I've seen some tornado trucks with inbuilt diagonal pile-anchors driven into the earth below with hydraulic pistons. The ingenuity of our insanity knows no bounds.]

"Just because it worked," intoned Companion Ruy, keeping her voice level and calm, "does not mean it was either safe or sane."

"We knew," said Human Pris. "We did it anyway because the data was more important than their lives. Well. They were willing to put their lives on the line to obtain the data."

"Everyone else," sighed Ruy, "re-engineered machines to gather the data without risk to life or limb. Or steered clear of areas where super-storms were wont to emerge."

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