Challenge #03874-J222: Pitching Therapy Assistance

I made a special virtual reality program for people with explosive tempers. When they get angry, they go into the specially padded room, put on the VR goggles and haptic feedback suit and gloves, and do whatever they need to do to get it out of their system. There's been a lot of success in helping people control their tempers until they can get to the Let it out rooms. -- Anon Guest

[AN: As far as anger management is concerned, mindful meditation also helps, but I assume this is for the peeps for whom meditation doesn't stick]

Sometimes, as the Humans are wont to say, you just have to punch something.For those cogniscents not accustomed to rhetorical expressions, the Humans are talking about themselves. They're the ones who feel compelled to perform some violence.

Much has been done to curb this emotional response in our favourite Deathworlders. But despite every best effort, there are times when anger can only be vented safely.

Hence my virtuality program, Duke it Out. If experienced within a save environment, or with the help of a neuro-motor bypass unit, it allows our Humans to just punch or otherwise attack the ever-loving excrement out of any foe they choose. It's fully customisable, with options for realism, destruction, and physics.

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