Challenge #03854-J202: Run, Rabbit, Run...

The Pax Humanis members find where he is hiding. A few knocks, then a small bang, the door is now wide open. Don't worry, you'll live through this. You won't WANT to, but you will. After all, we have our orders. And we promised our bosses. -- Anon Guest

Humans are insane. Humans are dangerous. Humans are deadly. Under the right circumstances, Humans can alter fate, change your life, and defy the odds against them. Sometimes, if you're the wrong sort of individual, they can also be the wrong circumstances.

Humans are also pursuit predators.

They bypassed the need for claws, fangs, horns, poisons or venoms by relentlessly walking after their injured prey until their chosen victim succumbed. Thousands of years may have passed, but the key to their advancement had never been forgotten.

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