Challenge #03789-J136: Well Met by Campfire

Wraithvine wakes up to find a group set up a camp around hir camp. Under the cloche by him is tea, some now cooled, fresh buns, and some fresh fruit. His friends were also being offered friendly repast. -- Anon Guest

Wraithvine returned to consciousness and the grip of gravity to the early rays of dawn. As well as the realisation that someone had been in their camping spot.

There was a nice herbal tea waiting in a nearby teapot, as well as some fresh camp cakes. There was even a basket of fruit and nuts. Looking around, ze saw a lot more tents than what they started with. Tents, and merchant's caravans.

And one muscular Halloblood with wings spread, watching over all of them from a handy tree branch. "Good morning," they said, gliding down to the ground. "We saw your camp, but everyone was out when we pulled up. Given your ward-work, we kind of invited ourselves to your protection. Is that lot adequate payment?"

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