Challenge #03779-J126: Just One Little Snag

The human, expending almost the last of their energy, gets the cave set up so they, and their Havenworlder crew, manages to have at least basic food/water/shelter until help arrives, then collapses. Now it is up to the Havenworlders to keep their friend alive, for they have a massive and dangerous concussion, with only the most basic of basic equipment left. Until help shows. -- Anon Guest

Companion Xuan dug his claws into the soft fabric of Human Nol's work pants. A minor injury, to be sure, but Human Nol needed the irritation. Ze was under close watch, considering what had happened.

It wasn't the crash that put their human out of commission. It was a hard fruiting body thrown by one of the planet's primate-equivalents. Just when they had finished setting up the most basic of base camps.

They had to keep Nol awake for two hours, keeping hir under close monitoring for the process. The Improvised cold pack had done its work, and there were merely fifteen minutes left in the wakefulness window.

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