Challenge #03770-J117: Big Chaos

Small Human Child: "For some reason, I always do a chaos if I'm not next to Rennie at bed time."

Small Child's Parent: "It's true. You don't want to see it. I didn't want to see it last night. Can you play quietly until I'm ready to go to bed?"

SHC: "Maybe." -- Escla

Companion Ghayth considered the very small Human currently playing with their KidReader(tm)[1]. They were peacefully guiding a digital effigy on a randomly-generated world. Chopping trees and digging up things and taking scans of the flora and fauna.

They didn't seem to be that threatening, but these were also Humans. Whatever a 'chaos' was, Ghayth didn't want to witness it. "How bad of a destruction radius are we talking about?"

"I was cleaning glitter and sticky stuff out of the vent filters for two months," said Human Url, petting her kid's shoulder. "That's a chaos I never want to repeat."

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