Challenge #03760-J107: All is Not Lost

I have often wondered. Individuals that birth children who are Pax Humanis members. Do they get to raise their own children, or is that a case by case situation? -- Anon Guest

Els tried hard not to panic. Deep breaths Just because her child Aed had tested low on empathy was not the end of the world. There were still things that could be done. Courses they could take.

Educator Kam seemed to read Els' thoughts. "Just because they tested low does not mean they can't live a fulfilling life. The potential for Aed to live normally in society is still present. It may take a little extra work, and a little extra therapy, but it's important to believe that progress is possible."

"Progress," Els looked over to the corner where Aed was playing with their puzzles. Not with the effigy figures, not with any kind of alternate perspective play. "And if progress proves impossible?"

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