Challenge #03755-J102: The Best Hat in the World

Wraithvine and friends were riding in a carriage to the next village. A small child kept giggling, trying to swipe the pointed hat, wanting to wear it. The parent sighed with patience trying to get the somewhat rambunctious toddler to settle. -- Anon Guest

Gikka had to ride on the roof, under the close watch of the carriage guard. Strodius was wedged into a corner and incapable of movement. The Hellkin next to him was barely capable of crochet. There was one passenger who was free to move, and she was a little menace.

Toddlers tend to view grownups as a climbing challenge at the best of times, and for this little darling, the best game was getting her hands on the big colourful hat.

It was a game helped by her mother desperately attempting to keep her restrained. Or at least keep her out of everyone's faces. For little Bell, it was the best game she had ever played.

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