Challenge #03753-J100: Come For the Laughs

Entering a village, a festival is going on. People are playing harmless pranks on each other, and the children are laughing and having fun with sweets. Today is the Day of Laughter. A harmless day of food, fun, and jokes. Not to be forced, but to be enjoyed. -- Anon Guest

"Are you laughing today?" said the small child up a tree. "I need t' know before I do stuff."

Journey Threshold put her guard up in a cold second. It honestly saved time. Any little town like this could only have one of two reactions to a Hellkin like her passing through. Treat her as a novelty, or treat her as an enemy. This was new. "How do you mean, am I laughing today?"

"It's the day of japes," said the kid. "We play jokes on each other an' if'n you're not laughing, you gotta wear a red ribbon. So's people know."

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