Challenge #03747-J094: Roughing It

A long time ago, an experiment in making antimagic fields exploded contaminating a large area of the forest. The forest healed, the magic did not. Any magic user traveling through will find, in the days of being in that forest, they cannot use their magic. -- Anon Guest

War has been with the world since one intelligent being looked at another and decided to throw a rock. Or a sharp stick. The records are non-existent. War ruins many things, and they can leave scars. Not just on the survivors, not just on the culture, but also on the landscape.

Many glass craters are the remnants of once-great cities whose polity made some crucial mistakes. Others are not so obvious.

They call it Silva Nullius when they call it anything at all. A certain kind of person tends to seek it out. A very special kind of person wants to live there. This is where the Wild Mages go.

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