Challenge #03741-J088: Makes Scents

A pleasant scent to you may be offensive, or even dangerous to others. Please be careful about how much perfume you wear. -- The New Guy

Personal hygiene is, in the Galactic Alliance, personal. The most many expect is to keep the self-generated pathogens to oneself. That said, there are many who equate hygiene with the simulation of hygiene. Makeup, scents, wigs, flashy clothing, anything and everything but actually keeping clean.

Most of those methods are harmless. Except in the cases of the over-scenters.

It's an easy mistake to make. Use an artificial scent to mask a natural one, grow 'nose-blind' to the artificial scent, and then use more to personal acceptance. The end result is a personal miasma that will, at minimum, offend anyone in the same room. One over-scenter did more than that.

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