Challenge #03735-J082: Strangers With Candy

A teen looking around furtively hands Jay and Lilicoon a large box of chocolates and asks softly. "Please, help me." Before hurrying away. Not long after, two large individuals claiming that the person "belongs to them", demands to know where the runaway has gotten to. -- Anon Guest

"Delivery," said the kid. They didn't appear to have anything amiss with them upon first glance, but Jay knew how to look beyond that. It was all in the eyes. Eyes made to open in horror too often and now could not open any other way. The kid put the box down and whispered, "I know what you are. Please. Help."

Lilicoon said, "I beg your pardon?" but the kid scampered off without apparently hearing her.

Jay was already on guard, and he knew how to be on guard without looking like he was on guard. Such as using his peripheral vision to detect approaching threats while he peered at the ingredients list. "Level three Havenworlder safe, nothing you react to..." there they were. Two big and burly goons coming in on a threatening angle. Just the sort that a Deregger CEO would hire to menace people and maybe look pretty while they were at it.

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