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Challenge #03738-J085: Gently Pressed to Service

Wraithvine, along with hir apprentice, Gikka, and hir cat, walk into a city that has recently suffered a major natural disaster. Instead of greetings, the group is pressed into service as people are rushing around trying to treat the injured, rescue the trapped, and save as many lives as possible. The guard knew it was rude, but this was an emergency. -- Anon Guest

"You lot! You're walking! Get over here and help. A Kobold! Wonderful! Please, the biggest need is this way."

They knew there was trouble, having been woken up by a rumbling of the earth. The fact that a Kobold was greeted with joy was a dead give-away. Pondermore snagged a different Watchmember and said, "You need heavy things moved. Show me where."

She let them lead. As did Wraithvine and Strodius. While magic couldn't solve every problem, it certainly made a lot of them less. Pressing wheat fresh from the fields into loaves of aromatic bread for the survivors. Lifting, moving, or re-shaping earth to save those trapped under the rubble, making ghostly hands to give out blankets or beverages to those rescued.

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Challenge #03735-J082: Strangers With Candy

A teen looking around furtively hands Jay and Lilicoon a large box of chocolates and asks softly. "Please, help me." Before hurrying away. Not long after, two large individuals claiming that the person "belongs to them", demands to know where the runaway has gotten to. -- Anon Guest

"Delivery," said the kid. They didn't appear to have anything amiss with them upon first glance, but Jay knew how to look beyond that. It was all in the eyes. Eyes made to open

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