Challenge #03718-J065: Chalk Change

"Why in the name of the Powers are we doing this??"

"We're going to change the world!"

"By..... teaching a bunch of street-kids how to read and write?"

"Let me explain to you about what happens when you throw a stone into a pond again." -- Anon Guest

It was a world gone to hell. Polluted and lacking anything of worth, except the people. The CEO's had used the final 'D' of abominable business practices[1] and found somewhere else to use until they wrung it dry.

People were scraping just to get by. Working every hour just to survive long enough to work another day. The Alliance had stepped in to help clean up the mess, but they could only do so much, so quickly. They could bring in things to help the survivors. Patch the wounds on the system until they could build a new one. And in all of that, other things fell through the cracks.

Like children. The CEOs insisted on people having a lot of children, but never had any systems to look after them. They were all about the right to life, and little about the right to live comfortably.

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