Challenge #03714-J061: Change a Life, Change the World

Wraithvine to the pickpocket. "What are you doing?"

The pickpocket to Wraithvine. "I'm hungry."

Gikka, smiling. "We have a cure for that." -- Anon Guest

Some precautions are very wise to heed. Never eat a Kobold's cooking without knowing exactly what went into it. Never call a Hellkin 'teuf' if you want to live the day. And never, ever try to pick a pocket of a Wizard.

Scram was finding this out, looking to get one of the sweet buns that the Elf had pulled from hir pockets. When Scram put his hand in there, it got stuck. He didn't pull. He tried to figure out how to escape without notice. When the Elf turned, Scram just resigned himself to his fate.

"I'm getting a terrible sense of deja vu," said the Elf. "I meet so many people like this. Hello. What were you hoping to achieve?"

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